Me and Rafal

I’ve always lived my life through art. A brief timeline of my life would include me beginning to dance at age 6 and continuing on for 7 more years. In middle school, what would be gym at another other school was Tae Kwon Do at ours. I also wrote songs, poetry, and performed in a talent show. One summer I was recommended to go to camp at MICA. In high school I performed in 2 choirs branched from the school; The Western High School Concert Choir and the after-school more advanced Sounds Unlimited. I also used to play the piano when I was younger. One christmas I got a piano that not only could I play on but the piano could also play songs to me. Inspired by this phenomenon, I’d dress up in the costumes I got from dancing and put on shows for whoever was home. I choreographed dances for my brother to do in the show as well. The songs I would write would sometimes be performed too. i would make my brother a back up dancer or background singer to my songs which is very hard to do seeing as I was 11 then and he’s five years younger..(don’t try that at home).

Art has always been a sole part of who I am and a great part of how I express myself. One of my favorite artists, whom I learned of just last year in AP Studio Art, is Rafal Oblinski. His work blows me away. I’d just want to take a seat in his mind and watch his thoughts roll across a movie screen while he paints. His work allows for personal perspective. In his case, oftentimes it’s hard to associate the titles he has with the actual picture. I really look up to him though, because of his ability to create poetry with his art. There always seems to be an underlying meaning within his work and that’s something I always try to do with my art. I always try and strike the emotions and minds of the people viewing my art. I want them to not only be blown away by skill, but also take something away from it. But like a great novel, there is no right or wrong answer in art. I can tell you, as the composer, what it means to me and what I was thinking when I made it but I can’t tell you what it means to you and what you should think about it. You have your own mouth for that.

Another thing I love about Rafal is that his art seems to convey a constant theme of nature, order, and vulnerability. Nature conveyed through plants, bushes, birds, etc. Order conveyed by opposites or interesting images like night and day both present in the same sky. Rafal also likes to draw nude women in his paintings which gives the picture a sense of vulnerability…kind of a portal or ‘wardrobe of Narnia’  to enter his paintings.


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